Contact Lens Services

Contact Lens Services – Best Fits For Children Of All Ages
Contact lens technology has made rapid strides and even children can wear them on doctor’s advice. Contact lenses are useful in improving vision and facial appearance of the child. The child who wears contact lens can perform different types of indoor and outdoor or sporting activities confidently.
Glasses require constant cleaning and difficult weather conditions make them dusty, dirty or foggy. Contact lenses are very useful in such situations and the child can grow up having better personality and confidence.

Our Contact Lens Services:

Regular Contact Lenses
We dispense different types of regular and colourful contact lenses such as –

Daily wear and extended wear Soft Disposable Lenses

Soft Conventional Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Bandage contact lenses

Specialty Contact Lenses
We dispense different types of speciality contact lenses for medical and optical indications.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Soft Toric Lenses

Rose-K Lenses and Piggyback Lenses for Keratoconus

Bifocal Contact Lenses

Softperm lenses

Contact Lens Solutions And Accessories
We also dispense appropriate solutions and other maintenance accessories for different type of contact lenses

Indications Of Contact Lenses

1. Optical Indications

2. Cosmesis

Therapeutic Lenses

1. Medical Indications

2. Optical Indications

The optical indications are the most normal and contact lens are suggested for –

Myopia or nearsightedness with Astigmatism

Myopia or nearsightedness without Astigmatism

1. Cosmesis
Cosmetic, prosthetic, and tinted lenses are suggested for –

Patients who want to change their eye colour.

Patients whose eye is disfigured due to corneal scar or iris coloboma

III. Therapeutic Lenses
Therapeutic or healing contact lenses are suggested by eye doctors for patients who have corneal diseases or disorders. All contact lenses are technically classified as therapeutic lenses

1. Medical Indications
The following medical indications are suggested for regular or specialised contact lens prescription by surgeons –

Keratoconus (KC)
In this disorder the cornea becomes thin and leads to distorted, blurry, and reduced vision

Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD)
It is a disorder in which the lower cornea becomes very thin and the optic surface of the cornea also becomes irregular. This causes the vision to become very blurry.

Corneal Irregularity Causes

The cornea becomes irregular because of various causes such as-

Ocular injury

Eye Disease

Eye Infection

Corneal transplant surgery

Radial keratotomy surgery

Corneal Scarring

These conditions lead to difficulties in vision and they have to be treated and managed with the help of specialized lenses

Specialized Contact Lenses For Eye Problems

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses

Rose K contact lenses

Piggyback contact lenses

Scleral contact lenses

Hybrid Contact Lenses